Before You Ride

Blazing Trail Rides Rules:

  • You must be 10 years or older and in good physical health.

  • The weight limit is 225 lbs. This is to ensure your safety and the safety of the horses.

  • To save time, please fill out the Waiver / Release of Liability form and bring it with you to your scheduled horseback trail ride.

What to Wear:

  • Long pants are highly recommended so you don't receive sores from rubbing your legs against the saddle or receive scratches from branches and other obstacles.

  • Secure shoes that cover your toes (no flip flops, sandals, crocs, or high heels are allowed).

  • An ASTM approved horseback riding helmet will be provided to you.

  • Everything else for horseback riding is weather dependent:

    • Sunglasses

    • Bug spray

    • Sunscreen

    • Raincoat (No ponchos or umbrellas as they will scare your horse!)

What if it rains?

Blazing Trail Rides literally has you covered! If it is raining too hard for a trail ride, you can still ride your horse in our indoor arena. These days are customizable and will be combined with holding, snuggling, and playing with other animals on the farm including rabbits and baby goats!

Meet Your Horse:

Your horse will be assigned to you based on your weight and experience. Before mounting, time will be provided for you to meet the horse you will be riding and also time for your horse to meet you.

Riding Lesson:

Don't worry about not knowing how to ride, a short riding lesson will be provided in the indoor arena before the trail ride. This lesson includes many important aspects such as keeping your balance, going forward, right, left, halting, and how to avoid obstacles. Blazing Trail Rides wants to ensure your trail ride is as safe as possible for both you and your horse.


For those who are not familiar with mounting a horse, this may be a stressful part of the riding process. There is no need to worry, Blazing Trail Rides will help you mount your horse with confidence. While keeping your horse as still as possible, step up onto the mounting block, place your left foot into the stirrup, while stepping up into the left stirrup lean forward, grab ahold of the horn of your saddle, and swing your right foot and leg over the horse, gently sit down on your horse's back, place your right foot into the right stirrup, gather your reins and you are ready to ride!

Relax your body:

Now that you have mounted your horse, there is a matter of sitting appropriately. Keep your back straight, yet relaxed, while on your horse. If you get anxious you will make your horse anxious. Remember to keep your body calm and quiet.


Horseback riding is a lot like riding a bike. You will need to keep yourself balanced in the center of your saddle to ensure that you stay mounted atop your horse. If you lean to the side on your bike, your bike will fall over. If you lean to the side on your saddle, your saddle will slip to the side and you will likely fall off your horse. Part of the riding lesson provided by Blazing Trail Rides will help teach you how to balance and how to correct your saddle if it were to start slipping to the side of the horse.

Use the Reins Gently:

No matter the riding style, be sure to relax your arms and refrain from pulling in a manner that would hurt your horse. Your horse has the same feelings and emotions as you and they learn and respond to the release of pressure. If you are holding your reins too tightly, your horse is going to look for a way to release that pressure on its face. If you keep your body and your reins relaxed then your horse will also remain relaxed.

Eye on the Prize:

When riding a horse, it is best to look at the trail between your horse's ears. This will ensure that you are paying attention to where your horse is stepping. Although your horse will follow the horse in front of you, it will still need your help to maneuver around obstacles.

Connect with your Horse:

Riding, in a way, is forming a connection with your horse. By staying calm and moving your body along with the movement of your horse, your riding experience will be relaxing and enjoyable for both of you.


When the trail ride has completed Blazing Trail Rides will assist you in dismounting your horse. While keeping your horse as still as possible, remove your right foot from the stirrup, lean forward, and grab onto the horn of the saddle, while standing up in your left stirrup, swing the right foot and leg over the horse and onto the mounting block, remove your left foot from the stirrup, and step down from the mounting block. Keep in mind to dismount in a fashion that keeps your horse comfortable.

Thank your Horse:

Nothing says you enjoyed your ride more than a sweet thank you to the horse who safely transported you from beginning to end.